Mayukh Dey

Intern, Oceans and Coasts


M.Sc Wildlife Biology and Conservation, National Centre for Biological Sciences

The underwater realm has been a source of wonder and awe for most of my years. Feeling the need to be associated with anything aquatic, I focused my research on all things fishy. Before completing my Master's degree in Wildlife Biology and Conservation from the National Centre for Biological Sciences, I was studying otters and river dolphins in the floodplains of the Ganga River in Bihar. During my time in the sediment-laden river I realised how most aquatic animals rely strongly on sound for communication, navigation and foraging. With such a diverse sonic environment underwater, a whole new dimension emerges if one is to listen carefully. Hence for my Master's dissertation, I studied how underwater noise from motorised vessels affected the acoustic behaviour of Ganges river dolphins. My research interests now focus on using acoustics to study behaviour of organisms that are often difficult to study. After having worked on rivers, I have now shifted my attention to marine systems as well and currently with NCF, I am trying to understand specific behaviours and communication in dugongs and other aquatic animals such as fishes and dolphins. 
Apart from studying sounds in nature, I'm also a field recordist and record the soundscape of various places so people can not only appreciate how diverse and sonically active our world is, but also understand how incredibly noisy it is becoming.

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